The Gist: Game 17

April 26, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Arcturus

Criminy. Despite starting everybody but the fricking bat boy in the game, the Cubs managed to defeat the Redbirds 10-2 Sunday. Is there anybody left who thinks getting rid of Mark DeRosa was a good idea? Please raise your hand so I know who to punch in the mouth. I love Mike Fontenot to death, and while he did make a nice play in the game, I know I'd feel much more secure with Marky D at the hot corner and Mikey Horse N' Phone at second where he belongs. There was a scary moment where Wellemeyer hit Soriano in the head with an errant pitch. Alfonso toughed it out and stayed in. Much as I hate the Cards, it was nice to see Todd showing real concern, as well as Molina and Pujols. Of course the Cubs proceeded to dick up the moment by later hitting Pujols near his Poo-hole. I understand retailitating when your guy gets drilled on purpose, but when it's a clear accident and the other team does everything but give the guy a sympathy handjob, I think the retalitory measure is a bit unneccessary.

So to sum up:

Carlos Marmol: Knee Sprain
Aramis Ramirez: Quad Strain
Derrek Lee: Neck Spasms
Alfonso Soriano: Drilled in helmet (Seems to be okay)
Milton Bradley: Leg/Groin/Discontented already

Now I know Fukudome was a question mark to start the season, but right now he's every bit the Japanese batting champ we thought we were getting. It's still early, but I'd really rather have Fukudome and Johnson both playing everyday. So far, even with DeRosa's slow start in Cleveland, it's The Pulse>Headcase. Again, I love the Cajun Hobbit, but give me DeRosa as the normal every day second baseman and Fontenot swinging the left-handed bat off the bench. The offense might be more balanced now for the post-season, but if you don't score enough runs in the regular season, that won't mean much when your balanced team is on the golf course or attending cock fights in October.

Oh, and to everyone who thinks Soriano should bat anywhere but leadoff, please, please kindly shut the fuck up. The guy is off to his best Cub start ever, aside from the two games he spent in the three hole. Enough with this shit already.