Saloon Jukebox Featured Song

May 07, 2009 | Comments (0) | by T.R.

KISS - "Shandi"

Coming off the album Unmasked, which brought to a halt the ill-conceived yet ironically successful KISS 'disco-era' (consisting of this failed album and the underrated Dynasty), "Shandi" is an exercise in pop songwriting slathered in '80's production cheese. Stripped down, it's a catchy little ditty, and to this day the band sometimes breaks out an acoustic version when touring Australia, where it went to #10 on the pop charts. For more stripped down KISS disco, check out "Sure Know Something" off of KISS Unplugged, which is one of the best versions of a KISS song ever.

Fun fact: On Unmasked, drummer Peter Criss, while technically still in the band, was so out of it that all of the drums are actually played by Late Show with David Letterman drummer Anton Fig.