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May 09, 2006 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

With the understanding that the Chicago Cubs were in desperate need of a great white offensive hope, GM Jim Hendry made a move in the summer of 2004 to obtain right-handed hitting help from the Boston Red Sox. Unfortunately, they ended up with Nomar Garciaparra. But what the Red Sox did not understand at the time was that Hendry used Nomar as a smokescreen to obtain the real jewel in that deal, a one Matthew Henry Murton. Of course, the Red Sox went on to win the World Series that season, but let's not split hairs. Matt Murton was now a Chicago Cub, and the planets were aligning behind his eclipsical stature.

Having realized his potential sooner than most men of his profession, Murton was a shoe-in to replace the offensive prowess of the dearly departed Moises Alou . Though he rivaled Alou in defensive ineptitude during his first year in the Majors, his striking red hair and chiseled physique soon made him a favorite of male and female fans alike. His domineering presence at the plate and in the hearts and voices of the Wrigley faithful can be best summed up in one word: Thunder.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you: Thunder Matt's Saloon

And now to answer a few questions...

So that's it? That's why you guys call him Thunder Matt? Well no, not exactly. Murton is one of the first Cub rookie position players to make a splash in recent memory and we were fans from day one. One thing we felt he needed was a good nickname. Instead of him being referred to as "Orange Guy", or "Orange Head" we decided "Thunder Matt" had a nice ring to it. Since then we've been trying to ease it into Cub vernacular, even having it added in Wikipedia. This site will help further our grass roots promotion.

So is this a fan site for Thunder Matt? No, not at all. When Murton was with the Cubs we certainly covered him quite a bit, but since he's been dealt to Oakland and is currently playing in their AAA affiliate in Sacramento, there hasn't been much to talk about with him.

Basically we've slowly evolved from a Cubs blog honoring Matt Murton to more of a general sports/pop culture blog that is rather Cubs-centric. I like to think we're the leading "Indie Cubs Blog". Are you gonna get the latest on Zambrano's injury? No. Are you gonna get a rant about cilantro? More than likely.

I like your style Dude, just one thing. Do you have to cuss so darned much?

What the fuck you talking about man?

From time to time our humor may be regarded as slightly off-color, and majority of the time the things we say are in jest. We're not out to piss people off or anything. And while we're probably not going to be posting messages with so many f-bombs that it'd make Scarface blush, I wouldn't say we'll be overly family-oriented either. We're just having some good-hearted fun. So buck up. No one likes a wet blanket anyway.

I'll probably add some more unanswered questions later, as this may eventually morph into a sort of FAQ.

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