Meanwhile in Heaven...

May 25, 2006 | Comments (1) | by Governor X

Let me first say I'm not posting this to pile on my suffering colleagues here at TMS, but the Dodgers are the hottest team in baseball right now. Frankly, I'm as surprised as anyone. They've won 15 of 18, including 7 straight, sweeping a homestand for the first time since 1994.

What's really odd is how they're winning. The Dodgers, a team which has never in its 100+ year history been known for its hitting, are hammering their opponents. Five of their regular starting eight are hitting over three hundred with Nomar leading the way at .375. JD Drew is hitting .294 so a good game or two and we could have six guys hitting .300 plus. Kent and Furcal are recovering fast from their horrendous start, closing in on the .260 mark after floundering around the Mendoza line for the first four or five weeks of the season. Also worth noting is the fact that you can count three rookies, Willy Aybar, Andre Eithier, and Russell Martin (pictured left) among the three hundred club.

Another shocker is Aaron Sele, who will be known as Cy Young Sele until further notice. He shut down the Rockies last night giving up only 3 hits and no runs in 7 innings. On the season, he is 3-0 in 4 starts with an ERA of 1.69 since telling the Dodgers to either call him up from AAA or trade him. Perennial basket case Odalis Perez, whose surprise trip to the Domincan Republic paved the way for Sele, will probably never get his job back. Sele isn't alone though, the Dodgers starters are all doing well (well, Seo isn't, but he's the #5 guy): Brad Penny (ERA 2.31), Derek Lowe (ERA 3.08), & Brett Tomko (ERA 3.21).

I know this hot streak won't last forever, but I'm also comforted that they are doing this well without Bill Mueller and Eric Gagne, both of whom will be back soon. Their return, particularly Gagne, can only help things. Aaron Sele and Brett Tomko (aka Bombko) may implode sooner or later, but I'm going to enjoy the ride while it lasts. For now, its Cy Young Sele, and the Dodger Blue Bash Brothers. God bless Grady Little.


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