Cubs win, Zambrano enthusiastically debuts fist-pump in '06

May 17, 2006 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

Granted its only one win, but I just feel like it may have sparked this team a bit. Leave it to the hapless Nationals to help us get of this funk. Chaz Zambrano pitched great last night, (Way to pitch 8 innings Z, and give the pen a rest) and watching the crowd all fired up in the late innings is a welcome sign. If they can pull out a sweep on Washington (or at least a 2-1, baby steps here, baby steps), maybe they'll have enough momentum heading into this weekend at The Cell to have a respectable showing.

A few quick notes....
  • I know I'm spoiled as a Cubs fan when I can live almost 200 miles outside Chicago and still get almost every game televised on cable. Despite that, is there a more depressing feeling than sitting down for a 7:05 game, turning on Comcast Sports Net to see the White Sox playing, then quickly switching over to WGN to see them showing "Glengarry Glen Ross"? But hey, I have to say the Sportscenter highlights kicked ass this morning.
  • How drunk do you have to be to decide, "Hey, you know what'd be cool? What if I chuck this baseball at Jacque Jones?" Seriously, heckling an opposing player, great, go for it. Heckling a player of the team your cheering for, I'm not a fan but there are plenty of jackasses that feel it must be a good morale boost to the player when you yell expletives at them. Throwing something at any player though, should be punishable by stoning. There's just no valid reason to ever do something like that. I think Jacque reserves the right to get all liquored up (on an off-day of course, I don't want Freddie Bynum starting because Jacque is inebriated), show up at her place of work, and wing a few balls past her melon.
  • I'll be attending the game on Thursday. I'm looking forward to Wood pitching. I'll post something about the game and will hopefully have some pictures to share too.
  • Just a quick note to our readers that number in the tens (and even that estimate might be liberal at this point), I've been adding more and more links to the sidebar. Be sure and check out some of the Cub Links as there are some great sites/blogs out there. The Cub Reporter, Bleed Cubbie Blue, and Goat Riders are a few that I have really enjoyed reading and try to check out on a regular basis.
That's all for now. I'll report back friday after Kerry Wood either A) pitches well, B) completely implodes, or C) has his arm detach from his body on a pitch to Jose Guillen who is hit in the face by the bloody appendage, thus enciting a bench-clearing brawl so huge it puts the Andre Dawson-Eric Show showdown to shame. We'll just bank on A.