Impeach Neifi

May 27, 2006 | Comments (1) | by Chaim Witz

Ok, I'll admit, my frustration has boiled over into pure, unadulterated anger. Nothing all year has riled me up like watching Neifi Perez (NEIFI PEREZ!), drop a simple cut off throw yesterday on a sacrifice fly allowing 2 runs, including the go-ahead one, to score.

2 runs on a sacrifice fly! He should immediately be kicked off the team, no quetions asked. Why was he even in there? Ryan Theriot, Tony Womack...anybody but Neifi? I dare anyone to provide me with any sort of baseball logic as to why he has a job.

I'm so over Neifi being cute and short and pudgy and funny. Nope. He's ugly, fat, pathetic and untalented. So it's resorted to name calling on my part. So be it. This guy should NOT have a job. He easily assumes the role of my most hated Cub of all time, making you pine for the days of Jose Hernandez striking out in every clutch situation.

In fact, Neifi empitomizes everything that is wrong with the Cubs this year. Sure they have other glaring deficiencies, but from now on when someone asks me, 'What's up with the Cubs this year?', I will pause, look to the ground, sigh, run a hand through my hair, bite my lower lip, tap my foot rapidly, pace around nervously for a few minutes, sweat profusely and then take said person's head in both hands, give them a piercing stare and say 'Neifi Perez.' Then as I walk away, shaking my head I will once again mutter 'Neifi Perez'.


Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan @ 5:51 PM, May 28, 2006

I pretty much blame Neifi for all the world's ills at this point.