Observations from a novice fan

May 13, 2006 | Comments (0) | by Anonymous

I will now become an active member of Thunder Matt's Saloon by making my virgin post. As the only girl here, and just recently becoming a baseball fan I feel a bit intimidated, as I lack the baseball savviness of the other posters. Thus I will limit my post merely to observations.

Observation #1: Cub fans are commendable in their unity, and they are widespread.

In the recent trip to watch the Cubs take on the Padres in San Diego, the Cub fans represented, better than the actual Cubs. In fact I would not be exaggerating to say 1/3 of the attendees of the games were Cub fans. This is not shocking as I have come to believe that no one is really from southern California. The entire population are transplants...many from the Midwest. Throughout the weekend, Padre fans showed no unity in cheering (I exclude "the wave" as I find this act a sign of ignorance) but Cub fans were heard in unity several times during each game, in a visiting stadium. I will also note here my intrigue in the requirements of being considered a "true" Cub fan. It seems that in order to be "true" you must be willing to yell slanderous and offensive remarks throughout the game, not only at the opposing team, but at your own players, which leads me to:

Observation #2: Cub fans are relentless... and ruthless.

I have already mentioned Cub fans' tendency for obnoxiousness, but I will now empathize with the Cub players. They are in an obvious downhill slide and in need of strong support from their fans. This need will not be met until they win. Cub fans will spend the entirety of this slump complaining, booing, and outright leaving in the middle of games, not to beat traffic or to get some early shut eye, but merely to show their outright disgust and rage at the team's performance. It will take more than one win to bring the fans around. Cub fans are not easily satisfied, and they will let you know this, even if you don't ask.

Observation #3: Juan Pierre could be faster.

Juan Pierre is fast, and could be a vital element to the team if they somehow pull it together this year. He is a threat on the bases and known to rattle pitchers, but could someone get this man clothes that fit him? The wind drag on his pants alone are probably slowing his sprint to first base by a precious half second, at least.

Observation #4: This video clip is more fun to watch than recent Cub games, but not as fun as listening to a disgruntled Ron Santo.

I will close with an explaination of why I like Neifi Perez. I know he is not a good player, and quite frankly, he's fat. But to show why I find him likable I will direct you to the Cub's active roster. To get the full effect, click on a player like Michael Barrett, Todd Walker, or Matt Murton first, then check out that player's photo gallery. You only have to see the first few images of their slide show. Then click on the Neifi slide show. You only have to see the first image.