Bartender Banter: Mail It In Monday

August 20, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

Well after fighting it all weekend, the rain finally won the battle last night as the Cubs/Cards game was postponed. Too bad too since Fat Z was pitching good and you know we would've gotten to Kip Wells eventually.

The Cubs face Joel Pineiro today. This will be his first time pitching in Wrigley and for a good number of Cubs, the first time they ever see him (Ramirez, Lee, Theriot, Murton have never faced Joel before). DeRosa and Ward have seen him a handful of times with minimal luck. Kendall is 6-26 lifetime against him. The only guy that has hit him well fortunately is Jock Jones who's been our hottest hitter of late. Jones is 11-31 against Pineiro with 1 HR and 5 RBI. Hopefully they can get to Pineiro early, as he's been pitching quite well against NL hitters since coming to St. Louis.

Daryle Ward is evidence of what a good player on the bench can be. Are you taking notes Dusty? Lenny Harris or Jose Macias he is certainly not.

I don't have much else this morning so here's a list of some new sites I've added to our links recently. Be sure to check them out.

4 Fans Sake - A noble and refreshing concept thought up by a group of Chicagoans. Can the Cubs be purchased by the fans? That's their hope. You can log in and give a virtual pledge to their cause.

Shawn-o-meter - A great new Cubs forum named after Wrigley legend Shawon Dunston and the famous "makeshift placard" in the bleachers that measured Dunston's current AVG.

The Ted Lilly Fan Club - Move over Mr. Murton, you're no longer the only Cub with a blog dedicated to you. The guys at TLFC have been going strong since May and continue to show their love and support towards Ted Lilly as well as ridiculously long acronyms.

I'm Just Saying - As of right now it appears this blog is down or out of commission or something. I'm hoping it's just temporary as this is an enjoyable blog to read. Marty Gallagher writes some great stuff about the Cubs and brings interesting and thought-provoking discussion to the table, which is something we strive for here but fail miserably.

Enjoy your Monday.