Video Game Update

August 05, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

I know you've been dying to find out how my season would end ever since I told you about the glory that is MLB 2K7 for PS2. Well kids, the long wait is over. The regular season was completed this morning.

My virtual Dodgers finished up 154-8, 72 games ahead of the Padres. Some select stats for you:

BA Leader - Matt Kemp .386
HR Leader - Nomar Garciaparra 73
RBI Leader - Jeff Kent 147 (5 players had 100+ RBIs)
Wins Leader - Brad Penny 31
ERA Leader - Chad Billingsley 0.86 (Schmidt & Penny also had ERAs under 1.00)
Shutouts Leader - Jason Schmidt 15 (including a perfect game against the Cubs)

Additionally, it logged me for MLB records for most doubles in a season (Kemp 94), highest slugging % (Nomar .886), ERA (Billingsley 0.86) and homeruns (Nomar 73 since Barry Bonds doesn't exist in this world).

Nanu, Nanu.