Cubs of Yore: Hector Villanueva

August 27, 2007 | Comments (0) | by The Hundley

Nickname: N/A -- although middle name is Balasquide

Played for The Cub: '90 - '92

Random Write-up: The portly Puerto Rican was one of the many fan-favorite players to back stop for The Cub. He was kind of a clone of Mike "Spanky" LaValliere from the Bucs, but Hector was ours. I think many people loved him because he looked like he came off the street and started playing. He had a beer gut, a Latin-influenced and well-groomed Porn 'Stache, and from what I can remember he was about 5'5" and 230. Sadly, it wasn't his play on the field that cause many people to remember him. Although, to be fair, he hit .276 and had 13 homers in limited action during the '91 campaign. No, sadly for him, it was his NAME that was so endearing - especially when Harry (this was the tail-end of his on-air drinking days) tried to say Villanueva. The casual fan watching it on WGN might have thought Harry was throwing up when he tried to slur those 5 syllables. At the end of the '92 season, he was tired of playing Chump to Joe Girardi and Rick Wilkins, so Hector sold his soul to Beelzebub, and signed with the Gaybirds of St. Lewis. He only played sparingly, and blamed St. Lewis for not being capable of handling his "Machismo Gordito".

What the hell?: Actually, Hector went on to a productive semi-Pro and foreign career. During the Puerto Rican Winter League season of 91-92, he won the Triple Crown. In 1993, he was the MVP of the Carribean Series and in 1994, he led the Mexican League in Slugging %, home runs, and RBI. iUf! iQue Bueno!

Also of Note: Career (estimated) MLB earnings of $545,000, went to college at UAB, owned Tom Pagnozzi on the basepaths: gunned him down 3 times in 2 days --> Here (5 guns in 1 game!!) and Here - stupid Cardinals, you don't run on HV!!!