Chaiming In: Anti-Climatic Comeback Edition

February 25, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

Like Favre with Jets and Jordan with Wizards, The Saloon is back after a brief and hastily planned retirement . Better than ever? This is highly doubtful. Like that aging athlete that hangs around longer than he should, our skills are lacking but we have the heart of a champion. And thanks to performance enhancing drugs, our recovery time is outstanding.

Since the announcement of our return via most of the major media outlets, I have been flooded with emails. Some of these has been of the sexual variety, which is to be expected, but others have concerned the direction of the site.

-Will you still cover the Ginger Giant?
-What ever happened to that Daft Funk guy? Is he deceased?
-Does Tommy Buzanis still refuse to sign up for an Debit card on the basis that 'cash is king' and 'strippers don't take plastic'?
-What is the site's plan for stimulating both the economy and my privates?
-Will we see the return of some of the Saloon's beloved characters and columns at the expense of consistent Cubs coverage?

Dear reader, the answer to all of those questions, even the ones that aren't yes/no questions, is 'yes'. Expect our Cubs coverage to be woefully spotty, our post frequency to be as erratic as Ronald McDonald's driving after a half dozen rum-infused Shamrock Shakes and all of our posts to be esoteric and random enough to scare away even the most open-minded (see: high) readers.

So welcome back. Tell all your friends and your arch-rivals too. We have a lot of hands on deck and we look forward to servicing all of you.