We're Back!

February 23, 2009 | Comments (0) | by White Chili

Much like the phoenix rises from the ashes, we have returned! No, not the mythical bird of flame; I'm talking about Joaquin Phoenix. Sometimes change is a good thing. Like a new president or what you find crumpled at the bottom of your pocket after stopping for a late night burrito. In this case, our short-lived illustrious career of rapping about food and reality television didn't quite pan out. Everybody needs a little vacation from time to time but with spring training just getting started, it was a perfect opportunity to come back.

(cue unexpected Steve Austin theme)

Expect more of what brought you here in the first place: hard-hitting reporting, dramatic scoops about trades and other breaking news, and constant updates about our facial hair.

With a larger and more* talented staff at our disposal, we won't ever again be forced to abandon our loyal fan(s) just for the sake of drumming up a little dramatic controversy. Now let's all pour a little bit of our drink on the floor of the saloon and never speak of this again.


Don't tempt us