Everything That's Wrong With America

February 05, 2009 | Comments (0) | by White Chili

A 67 year-old "occasional" golfer from Manchester, N.H. lost his eye when his shot ricocheted off a yardage marker and hit him in the head. He claims:

...the course did not warn him about the markers. He says they were too rigid to be safe for the course and improperly placed in the middle of the fairway.

Jesus Christ. This might actually eclipse the woman suing McDonald's for her coffee being too hot as the most frivolous lawsuit I've ever heard of. We need labels on hemorrhoid medication so that no one eats it, instructions for hats, and now soft yardage markers so that they don't bounce balls back into our faces (ed. note: hehe). I get upset when there aren't any markers on the course. Plus, they're usually no higher than a foot or two off the ground, where golf balls tend not to fly. Was he standing directly in front of the marker? The course should file a counter-suit for assault.