Bartender Banter: 200th Post Extravaganza

December 18, 2006 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

200 posts here at TMS, and not a thought-provoking intellectual conversation in a single one!

NBA Bitch Fight!
I'm sure you've seen clips of the latest fracas in the NBA this past weekend. I love me some basketball fights. Only because it's entertaining to watch guys that tall essentially fight like girls. They can gracefully drive to the hoop with ease, but when it comes to throwing a punch they're the most uncoordinated looking people on earth. And how about Carmelo looking like a punk bitch with that suckerpunch on Collins? Fine if he throws a punch, but man up and hold your ground instead of sprinting away like that. "Run Carmelo! It's Jared Jeffries!"

Bears Nearly Blow It
Wow guys. You do realize you were playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers right? One thing's for sure. The Bruce Gradkowski Era looks like it's over in Tampa. He'll now be the obscure name your buddy throws out during a fantasy draft 5 years from now when everyone's joking about which QB a guy should pick.

Devin Hester finally started getting some hype this past week from the media, and what happens? He fumbles twice, including one that was recovered by the Bucs with excellent field position. Then again the folks at ESPN and such were blathering on about how great Drew Brees and the Saints were and they were stunned by a weak ass Redskins team. To stay par for the course I would expect Rudi Johnson, who according to the 'experts' is supposedly going to run rings around the Colts tonight, to rush for only 43 yards with two fumbles.

Lilly Can't Wear 31
Ted Lilly can't wear 31 for the Cubs. The number, once worn by both Fergie Jenkins and Greg Maddux is off limits apparently in case they decide to retire it in the future. Huh? If you're going to retire it, retire it then. Otherwise let the dude wear it. Are they worried that Lilly will become some HOF pitcher as well and they'll have an even greater predicament on their hands?

Honestly, I've made my case for Mark Grace already, but Jenkins should probably be the next number retired. I think the argument against him is that he didn't play the full majority of his career in Chicago, having spent 6 seasons with the Rangers and 2 with the Red Sox. But Fergie's greatest years were with the Cubs, and with 9 full seasons with them that was the team he played the most for and had the biggest impact with. If you wanna include Maddux in the honoring, go for it. It'd probably be silly to retire that number without giving a nod to Mad Dog as well.

Meanwhile, the Cubs have no qualms issuing #21 to Jason Marquis, which some outfielder we had once wore. I think he was Dominican and spoke very spotty English. Since Marquis is probably going to be my new favorite whipping boy, I was really hoping he'd don the infamous #13.