Contract Recap: GMs on Crack

December 07, 2006 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

There have been quite a few moves by GMs in the past week. Some are good, some are iffy, and some leave you wondering if the GM who pulled the trigger is trying to get fired. Here's a recap starting in LA:

Jason Schmidt is a Dodger. Excellent. In addition to solidfying the clusterfuck LA called a rotation, the move leaves the Giants pitching staff in shambles. A little pricey, but still one of the best moves of the week.

Luis Gonzalez is also a Dodger. Once again fate reminds us that good and bad often balance out. A 39 year old who has never hit well at Dodger Stadium isn't an answer. On the plus side, Thunder Matt's own Brant Brown doesn't have to drive too far to heckle him.

Gil Meche to KC for $11 mil/year. Who the hell does Gil Meche think he is? Journeyman assclowns like this guy should be thankful if they make half this much. And if Kansas City decided to dust off their checkbook, why this guy?

Greg Maddux to San Diego. Camouflage and turd brown throwbacks must appeal to Greg at this stage in his career...or maybe he just wanted to pad his stats in that cavernous ballpark. Either way, I think Greg should have at least garner Gil Meche money...

Theo Epstein loses his mind. Julio Lugo...4 years/$36 million and JD Drew...5 years/$70 million. Those figures are not a mistake. Drew is a solid, though boring, outfielder who was already overpaid when he was making $11 mil in LA. Julio Lugo is a career .277 hitter who drove in a whopping 37 runs last year. Poor Peter Gammons may have another aneurysm if this keeps up.