War Criminal: Tony Homo

December 11, 2006 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

I don't think I've ever accelerated from zero to pathological hatred with a player as quickly as I have with Tony Homo of the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys were dead and Bill Parcells was beginning to be exposed as the fraud he is and then this pissant comes along. Now the Cowboys have been resurrected and Parcells is still being hailed as the great coach he hasn't been since I was in grade school. Intolerable.

Homo went to Eastern Illinois which barely has a football program. After chewing up the I-AA competition he went undrafted, but garnered a job with the Dallas Cowboys based on the advice of Sean Payton.

All year we heard nothing but Cowboys fans pining for this unknown Tony Homo. Granted, Drew Bledsoe is terrible, but still pining for an unheard of, undrafted I-AA QB couldn't have better exemplified the stupidity of the average Dallas Cowboys fan.

Unfortunately, Homo has put up decent numbers since being given the starting job, which of course all the brain dead Cowboys fans who couldn't have picked him out of a one man lineup a couple months ago are taking credit for. The media, who are whores, have annointed him the 2nd coming of christ, and so I felt my hand was forced in issuing this indictment.

If his crimes on the field aren't bad enough, he's apparently dating Jessica Simpson. I don't know why that makes me mad, but it does.

Anyway, to close, fuck you Tony Homo. I couldn't even come up with a coherent attack against you. You're just evil.