Bartender Banter: Hey, you like music kid?

December 22, 2006 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

Alright, since the going trend this week is talking about the year that was, I thought I'd throw out a list of my own. Here are my favorite albums of 2006.

So in particular order, here's my top ten.

The Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soldier
I've been a big fan of the White Stripes so this album was right up my alley. Steady, As She Goes, Store Bought Bones, and the title track are all pretty good.

General Elektriks - Cliquety Kliqk
I doubt very many have even heard this. Released on the Quannum Projects label, which has produced a pretty sweet catalog of music, Cliquety Kliqk is a laid back groove of instrumental hip-hop with a few vocal tracks peppered throughout. Reminds me a little of Money Mark.

The Black Keys - Magic Potion
Another solid album from the Keys, but they still haven't changed their sound all that much from their debut album. If you like the raw, bluesier side of the White Stripes, you'll probably like the Black Keys, but I'd recommend their first album, "The Big Come Up" to start with.

Beck - The Information
Listening to "The Information" for the first time I felt like the album served as a better transition between "Sea Change" and "Guero". Then I heard yesterday on WOXY's Top 97 Countdown, that Beck actually started working on this album a few years ago before he started on "Guero". Anyway it's a good blend of his two previous albums. Some good party tracks with some of his lighter melodies mixed in, without the sadness of "Sea Change" so you won't have to worry about wanting to slit your wrists.

Tapes 'n Tapes - The Loon
You know that one indie band/album your friend won't shut up about? You keep telling him, "Yeah I'll look into it," but he keeps badgering you to the point that you're like, "Fuck man, now I'm not going to listen to it just to fucking spite you. Shut up already!" Well that's how I am right now about "The Loon". A frickin' kick ass album all the way around and I'll badger you about checking it out, to the point of you wanting to punch me in the throat.

The Soledad Brothers - The Hardest Walk
If the Stooges came out of the South, this is what they probably would've sounded like. These guys are great and I pretty much get blank stares from people whenever I mention them.

Cut Chemist - The Audience's Listening
I was actually pretty pumped that Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow both were releasing albums this year. While I ended up being generally disappointed with Shadow's release, Cut Chemist's was fantastic. Forget your bullshit house-club-techno-Kylie Minogue-remixing-garbage DJ's. This is what a great turntablist should sound like.

Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam
It's actually pretty impressive that Pearl Jam is still going when you figure every other major band from that era have long since ended. I'll admit that the band had fallen off my radar (I still can't say I've heard Riot Act in it's entirety), but with this year's eponymous release, I was happy to see they definitely still have a little left in the tank.

Wolfmother - Wolfmother
At this point, this album has been bastardized something fierce by television commercials. Just this morning I saw a commercial for Verizon or some other cell phone company that was using "Joker and the Thief". Nevertheless, Wolfmother made it cool to write songs about unicorns and dragons and shit again, just so long as you rock as hard as fucking possible.

The Dirtbombs - If You Don't Already, Have a Look
I don't really expect many to like this one. This was a double disc release of unreleased tracks, b-sides, and covers. If you really want to check out the Dirtbombs I'd start with "Ultraglide in Black" or "Dangerous Magical Noise". If you really like those, then I'd check this one out.

So that's the list, I guess an honorable mention could include The Strokes and TV on the Radio. I didn't really like "Return to Cookie Mountain" when I first heard it, but the song 'Wolf Like Me' is awesome and after seeing them perform it on Conan a couple weeks ago, I've been inclined to give it a few more listens before I make my final judgement. I have to admit it's starting to grow on me now.

If you feel like checking out any of the music I've listed, I put together this handy playlist that is playable through Rhapsody. I'm not sure how well it will work. If you already have a Rhapsody account, great, but it should also work if you don't. Rhapsody allows non-subscribers up to 25 free song plays a month, so you can listen to the full tracks instead of just a 30 second sample without paying for it (fuck you iTunes!). You will probably need to turn off your pop-up blocker to get it to work.

That's it, I'm out until after Christmas. Happy Christmakwanzakkah!