Jason Marquis? Really?

December 12, 2006 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

OK, now this has just gotten patently ridiculous. The Cubs are spending money just to spend money at this point. Jason Marquis, he of a league worst 6.02 ERA, signs a 3 year, 21 million dollar deal. That ranks up there in the annals of asininity alongside New Coke, the XFL and Sam Smith NBA trade rumblings.

Ted Lilly I could live with, if for no other reason than that he will look handsome in pinstripes. But Jason Marquis? He didn't even make the Cardinals playoff roster, and for good reason. The monkey from the movie 'Ed' was a better pitcher (and for the record, a better actor than Matt LeBlanc). Marquis had only one year that the most generous pundit would qualify as 'decent', but let's remember, so did Rick Wilkins.

Why not give Shawn Marshall or Angel Guzman a shot in Spring Training to win the other starting job? Sure they struggled, but so did Rich Hill for the longest time before he put it together.

Horrible Cardinals pitcher comes to the Cubs to try to resurrect a career that was never worth resurrecting in the first place. Hmm...Jason, I liked you a lot better when your name was Alan Benes. Oh snaps, no I didn't! Yes I did just go there. Daaaaaammmnnnn.

Vegas oddsmakers have Matt LeBlanc as the next former NBC star to pull a "Kramer".