Gracies and Neifis: Week Five

May 07, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

Break out the brooms! Be it against the worst team in Major League Baseball or not, a sweep is a sweep in my book, and it's just what we needed to keep the momentum going.

Well the Rocket is officially a Yankee now. Overall I'm pretty happy with this. Not so much because he's with New York, rather that he's not with Houston. Clemens was 5-1 against the Cubs over the last three seasons, so it'll be nice not having to face him this year. This announcement along with Chris Carpenter's prolongated DL stint, makes me hope there's a good chance that Houston and St. Louis could finish in the crapper this season. Especially St. Louis. I can't wait for Pujols to go over the edge and finally morph into the Incredible Hulk.

Week Four (4/30 - 5/6)

THE GRACIES - The cream of the crop this past week

Prince Fielder (Mil - 1B)
- Well the Brewers are looking like the leading candidates right now to be this year's Tigers. Leading the Milwaukee charge is Prince Fielder, who hit .440 this past week with 4 homers and 12 RBI.

Shane Victorino (Phi - OF) - Shane started the week batting .260 and ended it batting .304. During Philly's four game stretch against the Giants, Victorino went 10 for 17.

Troy Glaus (Tor - 3B) - In his first full week back since being on the DL, Glaus has been hitting the ball well. Troy hit four home runs this week against Cleveland and Texas.

J.J. Hardy (Mil - SS) - Hardy has managed to stay healthy this season, and the Brewers are thankful that he has. J.J. hit .538 this week pushing his AVG up to .339.

Ken Griffey Jr. (Cin - OF) - Speaking of staying healthy, how about Junior? After a bit of slow start in April, Griffey has really turned it up this past week, hitting 3 home runs and stealing his first base since 2004.

Jeff Suppan (Mil - SP) - It's been a good seasons thus far for the ex-Cardinal pitchers. Suppan won two decisions this past week, including a complete game against his former team.

C.C. Sabathia (Cle - SP) - Sabathia improved his record to a perfect 5-0 this season with wins against Toronto and Baltimore. C.C. struck out 18 and walked only 1 through 13 innings.

Jake Peavy (SD - SP) - Just like Sabathia, Peavy has been mowing guys down at an alarming rate this season. In his last three starts, Jake has fanned a total of 36 batters.

THE NEIFIS - Desperately in need of a Slumpbuster

The Washington Nationals - Does this team even have fans any more? Their starting lineup yesterday featured Ryan Langerhans (.100 AVG), Brian Schneider (.213), Kory Casto (.132), and Josh Wilson (.053). Their starting pitcher, Shawn Hill has a better AVG than three of those guys.

Joe Borchard (Fla - OF) - 3 for 27 this week. Joe is doing a great job of filling Reggie Abercrombie's role of anemic-hitting Marlin outfielder.

Jim Edmonds (StL - OF) - An 0-15 slump for ol' Jimbo, earning him this week's "HAHA, Look at you!" Point and Laugh Award. Seriously F' this guy.

Adam Everett (Hou - SS) - 1-22 this week. You guys do know you have Mark Loretta on the bench right?

Eric Chavez (Oak - 3B) - Hey man! Don't let the 2 for 23 week fool you. We all know Eric is known for his slow starts. In another year and a half, he'll be hotter than ever!

Matt Cain (SF - SP) - Cain was roughed up by the Phils on Thursday only lasting 3 innings, giving up 7 earned runs on 4 walks and 8 hits.

Jeremy Sowers (Cle - SP) - Sowers only lasted 2 innings on Saturday against the Orioles. Jeremy gave up 6 runs on 3 walks and 5 hits, including a three-run homer by Ramon Hernandez.

Brett Tomko
(LAD - SP) - Tomko came in for relief on Monday against Arizona, only to get rocked by Chris Young. He continued his stinkfest on Friday, giving up 4 runs, 5 hits and walking 6 before getting yanked in the 5th inning against Atlanta. I'm not sure how much more Dodger fans can take. Isn't it about time to give Billingsley a shot?