Heart of a Champion

May 06, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

"Are you there God? Its me, the NBA - I'm still around."

Well, the only team that matters to me is still around, the Utah Jazz. They led Houston by as many as 16 last night and ended up winning 103-99. It was the first game of the series, or between the two teams all year, where the visiting team won. Which leads me into rant one...

Utah should have had home court advantage. Sure Houston had a couple more wins, but Utah won their division. MLB has this one right. If you can't win your division, you are a lesser team.

Rant two...

Headlines are not "Utah Advances!" but "McGrady Fails to Advance." Who gives a shit? The guy looks like he is asleep anyway. Utah beginning another destiny fueled run at the finals is far more interesting.

Rant three...

Yao Ming had 29 points. When did he rack these up? I watched the game and pretty much everytime he got the ball he fumbled and bumbled as bad as I would. Unless he is suddenly NOT the tall asian man, I can safely say Yao didn't do shit last night.

Enough ranting. Thanks to Dallas' epic collapse, Utah gets the Golden State Warriors next. Thats fate. Home court advantage and a crappy opponent. Its meant to be this year.

Deron Williams is by far the most tattooed man in the state of Utah - and the only tattooed man in Utah without a tattoo of Joseph Smith or the Angel Moroni.