Moises Alou: 1993 Boston Marathon Champion

May 26, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Martin Gramatica

Hello again, It's your favorite NFL kicker Martin Gramatica reporting back to the Saloon. I was recently charged with stalking and conspiracy to commit murder and spent some time in a Sudanese prison. I was unable to contain my love for Cosby Kid, Tempest Bledsoe, and apparently the police, the childhood actress/temptress, and the rest of society frowns on my behavior. But I digress....

I couldn't help but to notice the baseball card of former Cub, Moises Alou. That picture does not conjure up memories of a former All-Star outfielder. No, no. Instead it reminds me of an Ethiopian marathon participant. That man on that baseball card has probably been seen running through villages in Africa, late night informercials that try to get you to "sponsor" a child (normally with flies on its face), and running in marathons.

That is no "slugger". It certainly isn't the guy that got robbed by ol whats his name in the NLCS either. Get the man a plate and the nearest Shoneys!!!