There's No Place Like...the Road

May 03, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

We haven't talked about the Cubs in a while, so to prevent being discharged from the Cubs Blog Army, here's a classic "mailing it in" article of bullet points, because I'm too lazy to put my thoughts together in a coherent post.
  • Well the Cubs are now 8-5 on the road, compared to 4-9 at home. The odds are stacked against me that I'll witness my first live win at Wrigley next week, for the first time since 2001.
  • Yeah, I'll be at the Cubs/Pirates game next Thursday. If you're there and see some scrawny jackass sporting a Thunder Matt's Saloon shirt, feel free to say 'hi', and maybe I'll let you buy me a beer. It'll be a good story to share with your friends and co-workers later.
  • Speaking of Thunder Matt, the lack of PT has been pretty disheartening. To date, Murton has only 46 at bats, compared with Floyd's 63 and Jones' 90. There's not much you can say though. Jones is a lefty and thus still has priority to be in the lineup, and Floyd has been hitting pretty well. I haven't bitched too much, because I would've given my left nut last season to have this kind of depth on our roster. Too bad it's meant more time on the pine for Thunder Matt. The HR Trophy Room is starting to get dusty.
  • Hey, would you look at that? That Soriano guy CAN hit! Well I'll be damned.
  • After yesterday's two wins, the Cubs pythagorean win-loss record is 16-10. It's good to know that mathematically we're winning the division, I guess.
  • Is it too early to suggest a new nickname for Jason Marquis other than Marquis de Suck? 4-1 and a 2.09 ERA ain't too shabby. But can we give some of that run support to Ted and Rich as well?
  • Get well soon Ron Santo. I don't know how much more Dave Otto the world can endure.
  • What the hell is wrong with Angel Guzman? By then end of Spring Training, it looked like he finally had his shit together, but since being sent down to Des Moines, he's been lit up like Tommy Buzanis on nickel beer night. I would suspect that Carlos Marmol is next in line to take the #5 spot then. Hopefully Sean Marshall can return to form after battling shoulder problems. Having 3 lefties in the rotation would be nice.
  • If I could have anyone's job on the team right now I think it'd have to be Daryle Ward's. He essentially comes in for a pinch hit situation, draws a walk, and then more times than not, gets pulled for a pinch runner. Pretty sweet gig if you ask me. Although did you see him score last week against the Brewers? Seeing him truck his Cecil-esque frame from first to home, scoring the Cubs only run of the game was the highlight of my night. Quade must've planted a cheeseburger at home plate to coax Daryle home.
All-90's Third Base to come later today or tomorrow. Sadly Kevin Orie and Leo Gomez didn't make the cut.