Thunder Matt's Interleague Weekend: That Chicago Series

May 21, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

Well it could've ended on a little better note, but overall you have to be pretty happy with this series. Taking 2 out of 3 against the White Sox is always sweet. I'm tired and haven't had nearly enough coffee yet this morning, so bear with me as we barrel through yet another incoherent and confounding recap. Bring on those pesky bullet points!
  • God bless that Pagan! How the hell has he become the best OF not named Alfonso right now? Pagan's two-run triple on Friday, sparked a spectacular comeback. He's hitting .385 with two homers in 26 at bats. Two home runs, that's one more than either Jock or Thunder Matt currently have and just as many as Corny Floyd. He's got decent speed and his defense is no worse than Jock's out in center. At this point I'd be fine with him playing full-time and having a three-headed monster of Floyd-Jones-Murton in RF. I've been trying to think of a clever name for the platoon. All my feeble mind can come up with is Jock Thundercorn.
  • I missed almost all of Saturday's game due to a family function with the in-laws. I thought about trying to turn the game on the TV there but I opted against it. No one else likes baseball, let alone the Cubs, and there's just too many distractions. I did catch D-Lee's grand salami on the way home on 720 AM, which was absolutely phenomenal.
  • Speaking of Lee's grand slam. How about these comebacks? This is something that I can't seem to recall happening last season. In 2006 it seemed like we were toast any time we went down by more than 2 runs. Now we're hitting triples and grand slams. Hell I even have to respect the fact that they managed to score 4 more runs in yesterday's loss. Last season we would've been shutout for the rest of the game, with Roberto Novoa coming in to surrender even more runs. Despite their pitfalls early on, I still feel good about this team.
  • God damn you Chaz Zambrano! I mistakenly left him on my fantasy bench for his start against the Mets, then made sure he was in for yesterday's game. Yeah, that didn't work out well for me this week.
  • There was no Ri-COCK-ulous redux. In fact it was looking to be a quiet weekend from everyone's favorite Southside A-hole. Then the bastard hits a grand slam off of Neal Cotts yesterday. This guy is pure evil. Someone could've told me he took a piss on the Harry Caray statue outside and I would believe it. And why are Len and Bob always so quick to mention that A.J. is a "real nice guy" and that "his teammates love him"? Why do they feel the need to spin this? Let his reputation speak for itself.
  • A quick note about the Ri-COCK-ulous article. Probably my favorite line ever written at TMS is still "If only the rest of the Cubs could hit a baseball like Michael Barrett hits white trash in the face."
  • Congrats to the White Sox for improving their team batting average by 4 whole points to .226! Seriously, how the hell does this team have a winning record?
  • Well I guess Jason Marquis isn't Jesus after all. Then again, you'd have to be pretty deluded to think he was going to keep up the stats he had through the first month. He's had two shaky starts since the complete game. Hopefully he can buckle down this week as the team heads out west to play in a pair of pitcher's parks.
  • Yeah West Coast trip! I love a full week of games that start after 9pm here. Maybe one will go into extra innings and I can catch the end when I wake up the next morning.
  • Oh and one final note. Go vote for Barry Larkin on the All-90's SS poll if you haven't already. I refuse to close that son of a bitch as long as Mr. Mia Hamm is winning it.