Death League Update: Jim McKay

June 12, 2008 | Comments (0) | by T.R.

Jim McKay was a man. Jim McKay was in on the ground floor, a pioneer who paved the way for today's sports journalists. Jim McKay did not celebrate pomp and bullshit. Jim McKay had a grasp on all of it, from the heart of American sports, to the celebration of global events, to the fringes of diverse and culturally-oriented competitions. Jim McKay brought the goods to all fans of sport. Jim McKay was the Walter Cronkite of the Olympics, through good times and tragedy. Could you imagine a schmuck like Joe Buck reporting the events of Munich?

As we are men and sports enthusiasts, we are fans of Jim McKay. Normally we throw humor in our posts at TMS. Sure, I could write a zinger like "In honor of his favorite sport, McKay will now be turned into glue". But you know what? That's not appropriate. Jim McKay was a legend and should be respected upon his passing.

Jim McKay was 86. Three points awarded to Chip Wesley.