The Gist: Be Like Marshall Edition

June 29, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Rich Funk

Be like Marshall.

This was a frustrating game, and a frustrating series. All the momentum the Cubs had going at this time last week is completely gone, after going 1-5 against the Orioles and White Sox.

Be like Marshall.

I was really mad on Friday. I thought that after dropping 2 of 3 to Baltimore that playing the White Sox was just what we would need. I didn't expect a sweep of the South Siders, but I expected to take at least 2 of 3. So while I was mad after Friday's game, I was livid after Saturday's heartbreaker. Games like that one are ones that the Cubs have to win to have a shot at being one of the best teams in the league.

Be like Marshall.

Considering the panicked state of mind I was in heading into the Sunday night game, and the way the game actually turned out, one would imagine that I am writing this from the ledge of a tall building at this point. After all, it's one thing to lose 3 in a row. It's another to lose those 3 to a hated enemy like the Sox. And it's quite another to lose those 3 to a hated rival to wrap up the first half of the season.

But you know what? I'm calm. I'm not even a little mad at the way today's game turned out. I owe it to a little three word mantra I've picked up as of tonight:

Be. Like. Marshall.

In the second inning of tonight's game, the Cubs got screwed over big time. True, it didn't lead to any runs, but it was a royal screw job nonetheless. Jim Thome was up with a man on and no outs and 2 strikes against him. Sean Marshall threw a b-e-a-utiful curveball that settled right into the middle of the strike zone for a textbook strike 3. But it wasn't called a strike. For some reason, it was a ball. And as things like this go, the next pitch was ripped for a double by Thome, setting the Sox up with men on second and third with 0 outs.

The next batter checked a swing that he clearly went around on, but also wasn't called a strike. That's when Lou came out to give the first base ump the business. Lou got screwed over royally as well. When Lou was on his way back to the dugout, the home plate ump (not even the one that he had yelled at) tossed him.

But that wasn't the key part of the inning. Sean Marshall came back and got 3 outs without giving up a run.

So now I'm trying to be like Marshall. Sure, we may struggle and look crappy and even get screwed over sometimes, but we've gotta bounce back from that and get the job done.

So yes, this definitely isn't the way this week should have gone, and not a good way to end the first half of the season, but come on peeps...look at what the Cubs have accomplished so far this year:
  • The Cubs are on pace to win 98 games this season.
  • Geovany Soto and Fukudome are as good as advertised.
  • The Cubs have scored the most runs of any NL team
  • The Cubs are half a game back of having the best record in the majors. For a while, they had the best record.
  • The only thing keeping the Cubs from running away with the division is a sort of "They can't keep this up, can they?" season from the Cardinals.
  • We just got done with arguably the hardest month on the schedule.
  • All of this has been done despite Alfonso Soriano hitting the DL 2 times, Zambrano, Eyre and Reed Johnson hitting the DL, no contribution whatsoever from Rich Hill and Felix Pie, and of course, not nearly enough Matt Murton.
So yeah, use the rest of tonight to wallow in self-pity. But be like Marshall and bounce back to get those 3 outs and strand those metaphorical runners.

Big Z says he's 100% ready to go. Soriano is looking to be back soon.

Tomorrow comes Barry Zito. I like our chances.

Be like Marshall.