The Gist: Game 72

June 18, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Rich Funk

Rays 5, Cubs 4

I don't have much to say about this game. It's one of those ones that, despite the tingly feelings the Cubs have given me this season, feels like every other year, when the Cubs underachieved and fell apart when it mattered most.

Things that sucked:

1. Zambrano left the game in the 7th with "shoulder discomfort". MRI scheduled tomorrow. Is this ever a good thing?
2. Jim Edmonds leaves with a hurt foot, which would normally be great news, but Reed Johnson is also out with a stiff back.
3. Today was the best chance the Cubs had at stealing a game in Tampa with Sonnanstine on the mound. We lost, and our prize is James Shields tomorrow. Shields has a fantastic changeup. The Cubs are awful against pitchers with great changeups. If Shields was also a lefty, I'd say he's got a great chance at a no-hitter.

The good? The 9th inning, which included a Soto homer and a few guys getting on base. After DeRosa walked against Percival, Hoff-Power swung at the very first pitch and popped out. I know you're young and aggressive early in the count, but come on guy...there are no outs and a guy on first that just got walked. You gotta stand in there and take a pitch or two.

Yeah yeah yeah...I sound like the typical negative Cubs fan; arrogant when things are going well, gloom-and-doom when things look bleak*. But for some reason, the last two games have left a poor taste in my mouth. We gotta win tomorrow. I don't want to go into the White Sox series losing 3 straight for the first time all season.

*I do appreciate that things "looking bleak" this season consists of losing 2 games to one of the best home teams in the majors.