The Gist: Game 80

June 27, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Rich Funk

Cubs 3, White Sux 10

Well shit.

That didn't really go as planned. Look, Dempster has been absolutely phenomenal this season and a complete godsend, especially with Fat Z out. But no one can pitch this well forever without at least one bump in the road. Dempster's stink bomb today was the big story, giving up 8 runs in just over 2 innings of work. His ERA shot up from 2.63 to 3.26.

Honestly, I won't waste your time or my own going over the events of the game. It was a terrible loss and raises at least a few concerns considering it's the second absolute fried turd our pitching staff has laid in a row. But I expected the Cubs to lose at least one of the games on the South Side this weekend, so we may as well get it out today.

Tomorrow the Cubs have Sean Gallagher on the mound, who has put up a few decent starts in a row. I view it as a big game not only because a loss would mean the series would go to the hated Sox, but because if the Cubs win tomorrow, they'll go into the exact halfway point of the season still on pace for 100 wins. Plus, it would be nice to go into July with a bit of momentum.