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December 09, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

Albums of the Week is a recurring feature at Pomp Culture where we will select three albums for our readers to check out. To listen to any of the Albums of the Week just click on the links provided in the sidebar. Live streams of each album can be played in iTunes, Winamp, or Windows Media Player. There is also a link to purchase music by the artists on Amazon, which I strongly encourage if you find something you like.

Something Old - "Greatest Hits" by Huey Lewis and the News
Released: 2006
Label: Capitol
Genre: Pop

Submitted by: Chaim Witz

Huey Lewis and the News (or HLATN if you're hip) best represent the 1980's phenomenon of relatively older, nondescript singers and bands dominating the pop charts. Think about it. Today's music is ageist. You basically have to be under 30 and sexy to be relevant on the pop charts. Think of all the popular stuff in the 1980's. HLATN, Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, Phil Collins, Dire Straits, The Pointer Sisters...Good Lord, I could go on forever. They all could have passed for our parents, yet they were hugely successful.

HLATN was the cream of the crop. Not many bands before or after have used a saxophone to their advantage as much as these guys did. "Power of Love" conjures up images of a young Michael J Fox, with his whole life in front of him and sweet ass Deloreans, which I still argue are the cars of the future. Surprisingly effective music for tailgating. The CD jewel case doubles as a great cocaine plate. I could have picked a studio album, "Sports", but c'mon this is all you really need, even though it inexcusably leaves out their second best song, "Bad is Bad".

Tracks to stay tuned in for: The Heart of Rock N Roll, Power of Love, If This is It

Something New - "Day & Age" by The Killers
Released: 2008
Label: Island
Genre: Alternative

Submitted by: Governor X

The Killers never fail to mix things up and their new release Day & Age is no exception. The electronic rock and quasi-western sound of their previous three CDs is gone, replaced by something that straddles the long forgotten line between pop and disco. It can take a few listens to "get" it, but it's steadily been growing on me. Not growing on me? Brandon Flowers' feathered jacket. Please go back to the Colonel Sanders look.

Tracks to stay tuned in for: Spaceman, A Dustland Fairytale, This is Your Life

Something Different - "Us and Them" by London Philharmonic Orchestra
Released: 19925
Label: Philips
Genre: Classical

Submitted by: Brant Brown

I stumbled upon this disc of the London Symphony Orchestra performing a collection of Pink Floyd songs sometime in college. I'm a fairly avid Pink Floyd fan and thought it would be interesting to hear the depth that an orchestra could provide, and if the disc would be able to get across the same emotions without any lyrics. The result held up pretty well, and went into my rotation of late night studying music. Ten years later, I still enjoy breaking it out after lengthy rock and roll spats. As much as I love Dark Side of the Moon, I've grown tired of "Money". The version on this album is much more pleasing.

Tracks to stay tuned in for: Breathe, Nobody Home, Money

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