Bartender Banter: 2010, the Future is Now!

January 05, 2010 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

It's been sort of quiet around the Saloon the last month or so.  Allow me to update our loyal readers* on the latest happenings and what the future will hold.

That's right, Thunder Matt's Saloon is shutting it's doors, again**, but this time for good.  We're joining forces with two other Cubs blogs to bring you Exile on Clark Street.  A new Cubs blog with the same disappointing coverage you've come to love from the Saloon.  More details will be coming in the next couple months so stay tuned.

I've been getting a flood of emails from readers wondering when our Top Music and Top Movies of 2009 posts will be coming out.  Just keep your pants on for a little bit longer.  Both should come out some time in the next couple weeks.  Also look out for our "Best of the Decade" lists that will be ready in 2014.


The PCG started up again this week after taking a brief hiatus.  I encourage everyone to read them and post comments arguing for or against a competitor.  The trivial debating is what makes the PCG great.  Oh, speaking of comments....

Haloscan is set to die this weekend.  The company that owns them offered me a chance to keep the comments going for a monthly fee.  Seeing as how TMS's days are numbered anyway I respectfully declined.  So don't be shocked next week if the old comments are gone and any new comments are through Blogger.  I'll keep them archived in a file, most likely never to see the light of day again.  Farewell old commenting service.  While you may be gone for good we'll always have the memories.  We'll always have the crazy Billy Boyd fans ("What about Beecake?").  We'll always have Hossrex (that dumb douchebag).  And we'll always, always have Chad Cordero's dad.  Godspeed Haloscan.

Speaking of death, at some point I should get around to posting the latest draft results and rosters for the new season of Death League.  Over a month in and no one has scored points. None of us had picked Brittany Murphy as a wild card.  In hindsight that seemed like such an obvious pick.  Meanwhile Courtney Love amazingly remains alive, at least in the medical sense.

So anyway, I know we've been slack-assing a bit lately.  But I assure you we're still committed to keeping you satisfied with the same esoteric bullshit that you so dearly love.  At least until we close down.  Then we'll just have the esoteric bullshit at a different URL.

*All eleven of you.
**You don't recall Pomp Culture?  Good, let's keep it that way.