Pop Culture Gauntlet Results

January 08, 2010 | Comments (0) | by T.R.

Boba Fett (13 votes) vs. Fried Chicken (13 votes)
Remarkably, these two combatants tied in their duel. Instead of "two men enter, one man leaves", they just kind of got winded, shook hands, and limped out of Thunderdome bow-legged. Sure, Boba Fett carries a little too much of a nostalgic fanboy base. But seriously, fried chicken? Of course it tastes good, but man, it's just not good for you. Perhaps the fried chicken voters will get their cummupance when they resort to watching the Star Wars films whilst recouperating from their enevitable quadruple bypass surgery. Will we replay this battle due to the tie? C'mon, of course not.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (6 votes) vs. Boxer Briefs (15 votes)
This was a relative blowout. One of the most influential voices of dissent in the Soviet era lost his matchup to underwear. How embarrassing. OK, he may have been a bit cantankerous, but surely Solzhenitsyn's cultural contributions were more important than snug-fitting junk. But the people have spoken, and the result is honored. We attempted to get a quote out of Chip Wesley's boxer briefs, but they were busy around Chip's ankles as he wiped his ass while standing up.

The Karate Kid (14 votes) vs. Miles Davis (22 votes)
Our readers have spoken, and they indeed prove that The Karate Kid is overrated. Sure, it was a memorable film, and we were all at an impressionable age when it was released. But 25 years on, it's been relegated to fodder for Bill Simmons columns, it's overly misquoted by drunk thirty-something males, and it is being remade with Jackie Chan and Will Smith's son. Horrible! When you stand it up to the imcomparable Miles Davis, there is really no competition. If the Karate Kid were wiped from the Earth, no one would be the wiser. If Miles Davis' music was suddenly nonexistent, well, music just may not be what it is today.