The Mad Dog Returns to Chicago

January 11, 2010 | Comments (2) | by Arcturus

Greg Maddux is returning to the Cubs, not to step back on the Wrigley Field mound, but as an assistant to GM Jim Hendry. Maddux will assist the coaches at the both major and minor league spring training and most notably will be "assisting in the development of Cubs minor leaguers during the regular season and assisting Hendry and the baseball operations department in talent evaluation." (per the article).

Granted, Maddux might know shit-all about developing minor league talent. However, I'm more than willing to take that chance. This is probably the best goddamn move the Cubs have made in two seasons, which really says something about the trades and free agent acquisitions of the past couple offseasons. The only sucky thing is that they didn't hire him to be the pitching coach. Cub pitchers learned more from Maddux in his second tenure with Chicago then they ever did from Larry Rothschild. Welcome back to Chicago, Professor!


T.R. @ 4:08 PM, January 11, 2010

Can you really accomplish all that scouting from the golf course? That would seem difficult.

Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan @ 9:53 PM, January 11, 2010

First order of business is to tell Jim Hendry he doesn't need to sign more relievers.