BREAKING NEWS: Andre Dawson FINALLY Going to Cooperstown

January 06, 2010 | Comments (0) | by Adam Blank

It's about fucking time! Today, Andre Dawson was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

No word yet on whether he'll enter Cooperstown in a Cubs or Expos uniform. Although he only played 6 of his 21 seasons in Chicago, Dawson had his most memorable seasons here, including the epic 1987 season in which he won the NL MVP award (the first player to do so on a team that finished in last place).

Other amazing feats in Andre's career include:

• Won 1977 Rookie of the Year Award.
• 8 time All-Star
• 8 time Gold Glove winner
• 2774 career hits
• 438 Home Runs
• 314 Stolen Bases
• Had his number retired by MontrĂ©al Expos
• Convinced Tim Raines to enter rehab for his cocaine problem

And, most importantly, Andre Dawson gave a reason for me & thousands of other impressionable children in Chicagoland a reason to give a shit about baseball.

Congratulations, Andre! It's been a long time comin'.