Have You Seen Me?

One of my friends has a coworker who recently went to the Cubs convention. Before she went he gave her a ball to collect a few signatures. It came back with a few obvious ones (Lou, Marshall, etc...). It also came with this signature. I have no idea who this could be. The first name starts with an S or a G and the last name looks like it begins with "Mc". Could it be that some random person just convinced this poor girl that they played for the Cubs?

Here are our guesses thus far:

Sark McGuire
Sammy McDonalds
Gammy McSosa
Sodd McHollandsworth
Sadaam McDreamy
Gary McCord


Harvey Milk said…
Harvey Milk
Anonymous said…
its Gary Matthews see here: http://www.baseballthinkfactory.org/files/newsstand/discussion/thunder_matts_saloon_have_you_seen_me/
Chip Wesley said…
I had my money on Sodd McHollandsworth.