It's Kurtains

January 29, 2010 | Comments (3) | by Chaim Witz

Today, the Sultan of Stubble called it a career, and a remarkable one at that. Unlike some other aging QB's, we can probably take this one at his word.

Always a TMS favorite (particularly of yours truly), Captain Kurt leaves behind a memorable and wholly unique, if inexplicable, legacy. Kurt was one of the good guys, which was both his blessing and his curse. He didn't have the pedigree of a Manning, the aw shucks charm of a Favre, the GQ suave of a Brady or the athleticism of...well, anyone really. His spiky haired wife (who has now settled into hot cougar mode) and huge mancrush on God made him an easy target for sarcastic bloggers and the like, and he never hosted SNL or starred in his own Mastercard commercial.

His career was an exercise in perseverance, where nothing came easy, even if at times he made playing his position seem that way. Because of this perseverance, he was not only able to resurrect his career, but two of the most downtrodden franchises in NFL history along the way. He retires one of the most accurate and feared passers in NFL history, whose storybook life, big game moxie and cache of records have assured him a place in Canton.

From one Panther to another, Kurt I salute you. Those wings at BW3's won't taste the same without you.


Jim @ 2:09 PM, January 31, 2010

"...have assured him a place in Canton."

Really? Not so sure that it's completely locked up. You have to admit that you might not have the most objective opinion on this.

Chaim Witz @ 9:24 AM, February 01, 2010

Find me a sportswriter/article that says he doesn't deserve to be there/won't make it and I'll show you 99 that say he deserves it/will make it.

Governor X @ 2:34 PM, February 03, 2010

No sane person argues against Kurt in the HOF. He has two MVP awards, the top three Superbowl passing performances ever, and resurrected two of the more woeful franchises in the league. He's a lock. The only question is whether or not he's first ballot, and frankly, he's probably a lock for that too.