Bears Recap: Week 2

September 22, 2009 | Comments (0) | by White Chili

The Bears welcomed the Pittsburgh Steelers for their home opener this weekend. The Steelers won the last three contests, all in Pittsburgh, but hadn't won in Chicago since 1995. That was the only time they have ever won in Chicago. That statement still holds true today after the Bears, despite suffering a number of injuries in week one, won with a last minute kick by Robbie Gould.

The brain-trust at the Chicago Park District decided to host a U2 concert less than a week before the home opener so the condition of the field was marginal at best, as they had to re-sod large portions after 60,000 people showed up to help contribute to the starving blah blah blah Africa.

One of the big stories was Jay Cutler rebounding from a game where he threw more interceptions in a single game than ever before, at any level. The media, both local and national, pulled no punches and seemed to think that this ONE GAME was a sign that Jerry Angelo and the Bears had made a colossal mistake. After last week I even had friends clamoring to bring back Orton.


Aaron Rodgers was sacked five times by DE Antwan Odom this week in a loss to the Bengals. Do you think that all the experts who picked the Packers to go to the Super Bowl are suddenly concerned they might not make the playoffs and that the town of Green Bay might sink into the water or simply burst into flames with another similar performance? As excited as typing that out has made me (please teacher, don't make me do the next problem on the board!), I don't think so. Every knee-jerk reactionary needs to settle the fuck down and realize that one game, a season does not make. Cutler finished this week throwing 27-38 with 238 yards and nary a pick to mention.

Matt Forte has yet to put up the same numbers we were spoiled with last season but it was hard to expect a stellar performance against a stingy Steelers defense. What did impress me was the performance of Adrian Peterson. He had a few tough runs and did a lot for solidifying himself as the number two back.

Another nice surprise was WR Johnny Knox. Part of the reason for Cutler's woes last week was due to the inexperience of his receivers. Everyone looked like they improved this week and Knox is quickly becoming a favorite target. Cutler's other go-to guy, Greg Olsen got more touches than last week, including being run over by Tyrone Carter. Olsen is a big guy but after that hit he looked like me fighting with the toilet after I discovered a place that makes pizzas with Indian food as toppings.

The defense looked better than I thought with all the replacements. Hunter did alright at MLB but our secondary was so concerned with stopping the run that the 15 yard posts were open every time. That needs to stop. On the bright side, Tommie Harris showed up this week and Alex Brown continued to dominate.

Possibly the best story of the evening was Steelers placekicker Jeff Reed missing two FGs (38,43). Those were his first two attempts at Soldier Field. Maybe they should bring in Ochocinco to kick from now on.

Next week the Bears play the Seahawks and Matt Hasselbeck is still questionable after leaving last week with sore ribs. The Bears should finally be able to get their running game going against Seattle.

White Chili's pick: Bears 24, Seahawks 17