Koyie Hill Appreciation Society: 50 Hits & Counting

September 03, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Arcturus

Because Geovany Soto continues to bat like a crippled hedgehog, Lou Pinella is giving Koyie Hill more starts behind the plate, which gives me more chances to cut squares off the picture above. I'd like to say Hill's bat has risen to the occasion, but . . .

Still, Hill delivered 9 hits since the last KHAS post, so we lose 9 more squares. Enjoy.

One of the biggest questions this team will have to puzzle out in the offseason is who will be the starting catcher in 2010. Is this year an aberration for Soto or will he continue to Walton up the place next season? As it stands right now, Koyie Hill is batting .244 while his portly counterpart is hitting .212. Neither are great lines for a starting catcher.

Koyie Hill Fast Fact:

Before Koyie Hill played major league baseball, he spent two years in Australia boxing kangaroos. That's a whole lot of dead kangaroos.

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