On the bright side of things...

September 30, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Zachary Kenitzer

This years dismal f&ck-up of a season is almost over with. Gone is the Monopoly Man and his tirades, farewell to postseason hopes and goodbye to one more year of mediocrity that has plagued the Cubs for far too long...

"I know I'm an asshole,
kick me out please."

But looking on the bright side of things (because I am the eternal optimist despite that first paragraph) at least we aren't Pittsburgh Pirates Fans.

Last nights whipping put the Bucs in their place, not to mention the fact that it was also the Cubs that secured their 17th consecutive losing season several weeks ago... Today brings a double header where *hopefully* the Cubbies will win both games under the lead of Lilly and Big Z. While I'm not banking on a sweep, it would certainly be nice especially because baseball outside of September will be sad for all of Cubdom yet again.

Looks like those "fancy" new jerseys with
them newfangled sleeves didn't work
so well after all.

If the MLB were High School, the Cubs would be the Star Football player from the previous year that everyone thought would lead the school to a State Championship (World Series) except instead we broke our leg halfway through the season, had an embarrassing episode in the locker room and literally shit ourselves playing the Freshman team (Washington Nationals).

Another "On the Bright Side..." item is that the Gatorade dispensers in the dugout also get a nice break from being Z's bitch. Throw a bad pitch that is a go-ahead run to the Pirates? Take it out on the Gatorade Machine.

"Can you feel the love tonight?"

I am just looking forward to an off-season where constant replays from the Cardinals, which take up way too much time on Sportscenter, are off the air. Yay! - For all other sports that aren't baseball: NHL (Hawks play in two days), NFL, College Football and Basketball... Oh how entertaining the off season will be.

So until the next baseball season starts, don't kill yourselves by drinking that 30-Pack of warm Pabst Blue Ribbon, don't swear and curse at Milton Bradley... watch something else... Hell, even Kate plus 8 will be back on (shocking news: "Jon" was dropped by TLC... ) if you're looking to fill you night full of crying and drinking. You might even find time to go to church and pray that next year will bring a NL Central title, playoff berth and World Series...
The only thing that I love,
that loves me back.