The Stupid, It Burns

September 17, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Arcturus

This had better not be true. According to Paul Sullivan of the Tribune, the Cubs plan to shop Carlos Zambrano in the offseason. And of course after Z has a bad inning yesterday, the media feels the need to ask him about said rumors, causing him to explode. Just when I think Jim Hendry can't possibly outstupid himself, this happens. Now I know El Toro Loco hasn't exactly had an ace-like season, but let's think sensibly about this. I'm too lazy to look the stats up-that's what Google and Baseball Reference are for-but I know without looking that Big Z has been one of the most consistent, generally durable pitchers in the game. He also gave the Cubs a reasonable discount on his contract, which is just one more reason you would want to keep him around. Just about any other team in the league would gladly take Carlos, despite his occasional melodrama and general weirdness. Shit, Carlos isn't half the drama queen that Manny Ramirez has been and Boston put up with him for many years.

With the strong possibility that the Cubs won't resign Rich Harden, who goes into the rotation? Marshall? Shark Jesus? This effectively makes Ted Lilly the ace of the staff, backed up by (gulp) Ryan Dempster. I think I just threw up a little. And I really like Randy Wells, but holy shit, before you trade away Zambrano, do you think maybe you might want to wait a year and see if Randy can repeat what he's done this year? Given the Cubs' track record with rookies, pitchers in particular, I wouldn't put money on it. Or let him room with Geo during Spring Training next year.

You don't trade one of your most solid players just because of an off year. Shit, half the damn team would have to go after the year this team has had. All of this bullshit reminds me of last year and all the whiny bitches who cried for Jim Hendry to trade Derrek Lee in the offseason and make Hoffpauier the starting first baseman. Who's hitting .307, has 33 dongs, and 101 RBIs? It ain't Micah Hoffpauier, motherfuckers. I'm a fan, but I would hope that Jin Hendry at least has the common sense not to base his personnel decisions based on what the fans want.

Zambrano has been durable up until this year, a year in which he pulled a hammy running the bases too hard (which he has vowed not to do anymore) and missed time with a bad back, which he also promised to try and take care of by doing more strength conditioning. Over the course of his career, Big Z has made his fair share of mistakes, but one of the things I love about the guy is that he owns up to them and works to correct them. When Carlos was winning games, the fans loved his fiery act. He has a bad year and all of a sudden he's damaged goods. I for one think this year was an aberration and Big Z comes out strong in 2010. Hopefully, he'll still be wearing a Cub uniform and just as loco as ever. I wouldn't want it any other way.