CCP: A Reprieve From Colin

August 02, 2006 | Comments (0) | by T.R.

Colin Cowherd was not to be found on your radio dial this morning. And the villagers rejoiced. It can only be assumed that Colin was a) flying back to the city/corporation of Bristol, Conn. from his venture to Wrigley Field, or b) he was massively hungover from said venture. Filling in for Colin on his show today was John Kincade, a radio personality from Atlanta, and a frequent contributor to The Herd's "Spanning the Globe" segment.

As I have nothing against John Kincade, I will not be rating the monologue today. I will, however, tell you that it made me cringe. John had decided to discuss the use of religion at sporting events, primarily baseball. His particular focus was on a recent "Faith Day" held at Turner Field in Atlanta, where after the afternoon game, fans had the option of purchasing a separate ticket to stay in the ballpark where John Smoltz led the fans in a small Christian faith rally. Obviously the discussion then evolved into questions of where we draw the line on the appropriateness of preaching Christian ideals to others, how we should treat all religions equally (a Muslim faith rally at Turner Field anyone?), and how these matters should be kept behind clubhouse and office doors, rather than targeting the Christian market. Basically, it's not the kind of light conversation you want to start out with on your way to a busy day at work.

Though this subject is not the ideal one to begin a day with, it is a valid topic to discuss. My main beef was how Kincade went about presenting it, where he beat around the bush for the first five minutes and how he intentionally yet sarcastically made it sound like he was going to preach his religious beliefs to the audience. He made his point, but I'm sure he lost a lot of listeners in the process. I'll cross my fingers for a less sobering monologue tomorrow.