Free Floating Hostility

August 22, 2006 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

I've got some news, notes, and random nonsense thats been ratting around in my head, but can't write an entire post about any of them. So in the spirit of Bartender Banter, Chaiming In, and Larry King's News and Views, here is Free Floating Hostility (thanks to George Carlin, I'm wearing my brown ribbon man):

Shawn Green is now a Met. I say there’s a good week of Greenie grounding into double plays at crucial points of the game before the Mets faithful start booing him mercilessly. Also, the Mets play the Nationals on Yom Kippur, so get ready for at least two weeks of “will he or won’t he” - he won’t.

6’8” little leaguers are not OK…ever. I don’t care if they’re pseudo-Saudis or not.

We’re coming close to a time when we really have to buckle down and decide if 500 HR’s gets you into the Hall of Fame or not. Carlos Delgado hit 400 today. Four more so-so years and he’s at 500. Delgado shouldn’t even be allowed to buy a ticket into the hall.

Chan Ho Park is now on the DL for intestinal bleeding. He also gave up two grand slams in one inning to Fernando Tatis.

A company named Pink Taco is bidding for the naming rights to the Arizona Cardinals' new stadium. Insert lesbian joke here. Looking the way it does, Jiffy Pop would be the most logical choice.

I like the band Keane, but seriously, the singer is way too much of a pussy to need rehab. Rehab is for bad asses like Axl Rose, Robert Downey Junior, and Betty Ford. Also, you're British, you're expected to have an alcohol problem.

Speaking of the British, they're absolutely ecstatic that "petrol" has dropped to 95p per litre. This works out to $6.79 per gallon, so shut the fuck up about paying $3.

Tom Cruise was essentially fired today. Thunder Matt's own Brant Brown is devastated.

Finally, some guy at the Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote this gem comparing the debate over whether or not Pluto should be considered a planet to whether Barry Bonds belongs in the Hall of Fame. Don't worry Cleveland, you'll soon have something to do when you're buried under 20 feet of snow or your septic tank of a river catches fire again.