CCP: Veering Into Oncoming Traffic

August 04, 2006 | Comments (0) | by T.R.

Cowherd's rant today was so boring and generalized that I almost purposely wrapped my car around a telephone pole on the PCH. Of course, I had no open bottles of tequila or Jew hatred in my car, so my death would have been as pointless as Colin's monologue. Essentially, he argued that the Dodgers and Yankees are on fire since they made moves at the trade deadline, and the Angels and Red Sox are floundering as they did not. These are apparently logical conclusions to be drawn from a three game sample size. Anyway, the abbreviated analysis:

Was his topic/view informative?
Nope. Nothing we didn't already know. The Red Sox and Angels didn't make a big move at the deadline? What? You're kidding me. That was Tuesday's news. -1
Did he dig a little deeper than just re-hashing the top story?
He didn't exactly tackle any new territory here. I'll dock him for un-originality. -1
Did he give credence to the other side of the story?
He discussed both sides of the trade story, but he didn't look at the trades of recent memory that failed. -1
Did he use a fake voice?
Unfortunately, no.
Did he repeat one thought/idea/analogy incessantly?
Yes, that big teams make moves and "hot" prospects suck. His same old line we've heard a million times. -1
Did he make an assumption or exaggerate to help prove his point?
Yeah, by looking at a three game sample size and drawing general conclusions that could very well be disproven in a week. -1
Did he contradict an earlier stance without saying he changed his mind?
I'm leaving the door open on this one. Like when the Red Sox win the division and he has to swallow his pride (I am not a Red Sox fan). -1
Did he alienate a good portion of his listening audience (like presumably over 30%)?
He certainly angered his Boston and Orange County listeners, but not brutally. I'll let this one go.

Final Score: 2 (out of 8) That's right about where we would expect him on any given day. If only he could have thrown in a crappy impersonation.