Skipping Work for Baseball

August 17, 2006 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

One of the only things more American than baseball itself is the fun of skipping work to attend a day game. When someone calls you up and tells you they have tickets, you go. There's no debate.

Knowing full well the Dodgers have a nasty habit of losing when I attend (something like 8 or 9 in a row now), I knew I was gambling with their hot play. Of course, if ever there was a time for them to win when I went, its in the middle of an incredible hot streak against the AAA Marlins.

That didn't quite work out...Mark Hendrickson started and gave up seven runs in a few innings of work. If ever there was an example of a guy winning his job because he's left handed, its Hendrickson. Then Sele, Carrara, and Beimel gave up 8 more for good measure. In the end, it was a 15-4 bloodbath, with Julio "I'm a god damned shortstop" Lugo committing three errors in the process.

Honestly, if I'm going to attend a loss, I'd prefer this type. Just get your brains beaten in quickly so we can have some fun with it. Seventy-five degrees, clear as a bell, Dodger dogs, nachos, and the LA eye candy we've come to expect walking around the stadium. I'll take that over work anyday.

There was a crowd of 42,000ish when it started, but by the time I decided to be an asshole and whip out the camera phone, it had thinned out considerably (11 run defecits will do that).