Thunder Matt Saves the Day

August 16, 2006 | Comments (0) | by T.R.

In a fantastic 18-inning affair late Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, Matt Murton proved his worth to this 2006 Cubs team. After entering the game on a double-switch, Matt hit a homer in the 9th to tie the game, followed by the winning single in the 18th. Said commentator Bob Brenley after the game, "Thunder Matt Murton is my favorite Cub!" ("Thunder" added by the editor). Wednesday's scheduled starting pitcher, Rich Hill, pitched the final two innings to earn the victory. The Cubs used all 25 men on their roster, the first time they've done that since April of 1986. Murton has hit incredibly well as of late, and hopefully this performance will solidify his starting job in left field for the remainder of the season. Seriously though, Lee, Prior, and Wood are basically all done for the season. Why not let the kid play every day? Is Angel Pagan a serious part of the Cub future? We think not. Now, how say you Dusty Baker?