Bartender Banter: Site Revamp

June 18, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

Well, everything seems to be in order now, and TMS Version 3.1 is fully operational. The big change with his latest revamp was more behind the scenes than anything as I switched our old HTML template to a new friendlier XML one. There are a few new features I'd like to quickly mention.

TMS Radio
Some of you may have noticed this last week, but in the righthand sidebar we now have TMS Radio. Basically it's various songs we've picked out that are available for any of the Saloon regulars to come in and enjoy. You can listen to them in the little media player on our site, or click the button below it and download the live stream file to play on Winamp or iTunes. My hope is to have the radio station change about once a week and have each bartender take turns offering up their own personal playlist. Right now TMS Radio is featuring songs selected by Brant Brown.

All the cool kids are using labels these days, and now we're fully onboard this fad as well. While we've been tagging our posts for a few months now, readers finally can browse all of our labels in the left sidebar. Wanna read all the All-80's Team posts or anything that involved Mel Gibson? Worry no more as it can all be easily found in the Labels section.

Thunder Matt in AAA Update
So after two games in AAA, Murton has been 0-for-7 with 2 walks and zero strikeouts. That's not going to get you back in Chicago any time soon. I still predict that he'll pull things together. I mean how hard can it be to hit in the PCL? Ronny Cedeno is batting .355 for gods sake!