The Ombudsman

June 05, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Brant Brown

Hello. Some of you know me as Brant Brown. I have been requested by the powers that be to lend my expertise as the first ombudsman at Thunder Matt's Saloon. Answering a call such as this, to be the moral authority to an otherwise morally bankrupt website, is not something to be taken lightly. I will carry on this task to the utmost of my ability, and hope that all readers find these columns informative and entertaining.

Source Citation at TMS
Littered throughout our Cubs-related postings, the loyal reader will notice references to a one "Chaz" Zambrano. Most would correctly conclude that this is the same Carlos Zambrano we have come to know, and until recently, love. But why, contributors to TMS, do you insist on nicknaming this soon-to-be-Met "Chaz"?

After contacting webmaster Chip Wesley, he informed me that he had stolen this moniker from an contributor known as Bill Simmons. Apparently, Simmons has historically referred to any athlete with the first name of Charles as "Chaz" or "Chazz". Thus, Charles Barkley may be affectionately called "Chaz" Barkley. Why this would apply to a man named Carlos, I cannot be sure. What is known, however, is that we at TMS do not condone plagiarism, and would like to take this opportunity to publicly reprimand Mr. Wesley for not crediting his sources.

On a similar note, while perusing the archives in preparation for my first ombudsman posting, I noticed several references to the website Wikipedia. Again, as any professional researcher or student should by now know, Wikipedia is not to be used as an official or credible source. For those who are not aware, Wikipedia is an open format site where any Internet traveler may edit pages on a topic of his or her choosing. Therefore, misguided individuals will at times alter facts unbeknownst to the reader. I would implore those at TMS to cease their reliance on Wikipedia as source material.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed the first, modest, ombudsman installment at Thunder Matt's Saloon. I intend to use this forum periodically to make sure we are bringing you the best quality work that we possibly can. I look forward to your feedback, and intend to keep this open line of communication between our contributors and readers.

Good day.