Poor Man's War Hero: The Bud Light Fan Cam

June 26, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

Who doesn't love this thing? The Bud Light Fan Cam, a brief montage of various "fans" in the crowd at the Cubs game, while some incredibly cheesy bad pop song plays in the background (imagine any Rob Thomas song and you get the gist). The thing is, it's not so much a montage of various fans as it is a short tribute to all the incredibly hot chicks that are hanging out at Wrigley. Oh sure they throw in the occasional cute kid or old person to not make the whole thing completely obvious, but someone producing the Cubs broadcasts is certainly doing Joe Cornejo proud. Even if the game is complete garbage, the Fan Cam brings me joy.

We salute you, Bud Light Fan Cam producer! And since I couldn't find a decent photo of a hot Cubs fan, in my haste I bring you yet another Alyssa Milano pic.