The Ombudsman

June 22, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Brant Brown

A number of individuals have sent e-mails to the TMS staff in recent weeks concerning the identity of the man referred to as Tommy Buzanis. Some have gone so far as to question whether or not Mr. Buzanis really exists, calling attention to inconsistencies in the Buzanis story (I refer you to the post entitled "A Tommy Buzanis Anecdote"). I cannot provide solid answers to this matter at this time. However, I intend to begin a fact-checking process next week on Mr. Buzanis, and hope to soon report my findings.

Another issue was raised by a reader involving the MediaMaster radio link on the right sidebar. We understand that some of you have encountered difficulty loading TMS because of the embedded media player. As you can see, we have deleted the player, but retained a link so that the songs may still be listened to in the media player of your choice, apart from the site. This should resolve the issue.

Due to the nature of inquiries such as these, I have decided to arrange a system by which the readers may contact me with questions and concerns regarding the content we display. I have been given permission to field these queries at a new e-mail address of my own, Please feel free to send me your questions and thoughts, and I will address them in future postings. More general comments and correspondence will still be checked daily by Chip Wesley at

As always, we appreciate the word of mouth endorsements by you kind readers to your friends, family, and anyone else who may be interested in what TMS has to offer. You play a crucial role in the future of Thunder Matt's Saloon. Next week, please look forward to another War Criminal, as well as the TMS Fantasy Football Rankings. For now, enjoy your weekend, the cross town rivalry, and a little Harry Caray.