Buy Me Some Peanuts and Apple Jacks

June 13, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

Last night was Country Music Night at Wrigley Field. Makes perfect sense since they were playing Seattle, the home of grunge. But I digress.

In honor of this prestigious and long awaited night, the Cubs wrangled (pun intended) former American Idol vixen, 'aw-shucks' country girl Kelly Pickler to guest conduct the 7th inning stretch.

She sung it horribly for someone who labels themselves a 'singer' (though her management would probably prefer you call her an 'entertainer'). The best part was when she substituted 'popcorn' for 'peanuts'. Buy me some 'popcorn and Cracker Jacks'. An innocent enough mistake.

The real classic though was when she had to do the obligatory sit in for the bottom of the 7th with Len and Bob. (In high effeminate voice) Awwwwkkkkwaaaarrrrddd!

Some clever staffer actually brought her popcorn to eat in the booth, which she was munching on with no regard to the fact that she was miked up. She then proceeded to say how she loved popcorn WAAAY more then peanuts anyway and giggled, "I thought it was 'buy me some popcorn and Apple Jacks'". Crickets.

Not content with just one Jessica Simpson 'Is this chicken or tuna?' moment, Kelly then proceeded to say how she was confused by the 'outfield' since there is an 'outfield' at NASCAR races, but this wasn't like that. She also said she would be worried about balls flying at her if she was out there playing and then said she liked the Cubs jerseys because they matched her shoes.

The best were the reaction shots of Len and Bob. Len trying not to crack up was priceless. At one point, coming full circle with the whole Apple Jacks thing, Kelly asked if they 'sold milk' at Wrigley Field. The look exchanged between Len and Bob at that moment was comic timing at it's best.

Harry and Steve they ain't (or Pat and Ron for that matter), but the Len and Bob chemistry is getting there.

And oh yeah, we lost to Eddie Vedder and company as they took care of the Cubs in 13 painful innings. This team cannot win in extra innings. When they failed to score the go ahead run after loading the bases with NO outs in the 8th, the final outcome of the game was a foregone conclusion.

That game was depressing. Country Music Night indeed.