In the Immortal Words of Ron Burgandy...

June 08, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

Go fuck yourself San Diego.

The Dodgers spent the last three days playing the Padres at Pooper Scooper Park in San Diego and managed to make complete asses of themselves.

Last night stung like an ice pick to the temple. With Saito on the shelf (but not the DL), LA had to go with gastropod Jonathan Broxton in the 9th. About 10 mintues and 5 runs later, it was all over. So much for beating Peavy and avoiding the sweep.

That isn't to say the rest of the series was all peaches and cream either. On Tuesday, Jason Schmidt's return from purgatory was spoiled with a 1-0 loss where the Padres got two hits. Yes, LA gives up two god damned hits and loses the game.

On Wednesday, before they were completely out of that game, it looked as though they were coming back when Tony Abreu (why is he starting over LaRoche again?) hit one to the Western Metal Supply Building to score Grandpa Gonzalez...or did he? Well, Abreu can kiss my shiny metal ass since he wasn't paying attention and managed to get thrown out at 3rd before Grandpa could touch home plate.

All in all, its pretty disheartening. Since LA hit four homers in a row against San Diego on my birthday last year, they looked as though they had figured out how to beat the Padres. So much for that.