Soriano Comes Alive and Remembering the Shooter

June 24, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Brant Brown

We'll finally have to hand it to Alfonso Soriano after this weekend. He's starting to earn his millions. Three home runs and two excellent outfield assists helped immensely in securing a series sweep against the White Sox. Deserving just as much credit though, is the performance of the Cubs starting pitchers. The White Sox are in an incredible funk as they spiral down the AL Central rankings. These victories against poor performing teams are obviously the ones the Cubs need to be capitalizing on. With a little luck and a lack of mental mistakes, the Cubs will hope to carry this momentum into a Wrigley Field set with the just-swept Colorado Rockies. We at TMS are generally against the idea of interleague play, and are happy that it has concluded for the season. However, the Cubs performed surprisingly well against the AL, wrapping things up with a 8-4 record for the year.

On a sad note, MLB is mourning the loss of one of the game's greatest characters, "Shooter" Rod Beck. Beck enjoyed 13 years in Major League Baseball, including the 1998 and 1999 seasons with the Chicago Cubs. He was an integral part of the 1998 Wild Card team, saving 51 games for the boys on the north side. Wrigley lore has it that Beck could often be seen leaving the stadium after a day game and lumbering to a local pub for a post-game beverage or two. Much has also been made of his time with the Iowa Cubs in 2003, where he made himself accessible to fans in his trailer outside the stadium. Mullets and fu manchus will be held at half mast Monday in honor of Beck.